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Genuine BMW Parts and Accessories

Genuine BMW Parts and Accessories

Your BMW already makes a profound rolling statement of fine German engineering. When you are looking for parts or accessories to your vehicle, put your trust in BMW, the same manufacturer that built your vehicle. There are many options available when you are shopping for parts in the aftermarket, but consider the real benefits of choosing only the best. Be sure to choose genuine BMW parts whenever you need to have a repair performed on your vehicle. Likewise, there are numerous options from third parties for accessories, but none of them are of BMW's attention to detail and quality. That is why you can also rely on genuine BMW accessories to make your driving experience unique to you.


The exhaust system for your BMW is already designed to give optimal flow of exhaust from the engine. This translates to more horsepower when you need it. A poorly performing exhaust system can rob your engine of performance, which can also result in reduced fuel economy. Though you should not have to replace the original exhaust system for a very long time, know who to trust for new exhaust components.

When the time comes to replace your vehicle's exhaust system, trust a genuine BMW exhaust system. This was a design picked out by BMW engineers, and the original exhaust system has already served the vehicle well. So, trust the genuine replacement to keep your vehicle running like the day it rolled out of the factory.

Perhaps you seek better performance from your exhaust system. There are genuine BMW options to satisfy these performance needs while still providing you with optimal performance. That's more horsepower from your engine transferring to the wheels. In turn, that is more acceleration when you need it, and for any performance enhancements you need to look no further than genuine BMW parts.

Car Seats

When you have younger riders in your vehicle, take responsibility for their safety and install a car seat that fits properly. BMW car seats are designed for the safety of your younger passengers while still keeping them comfortable for nearly any length of trip. They're plush and feature plenty of cushioning. They include a harness in the style of race car safety harnesses for that added touch. You'll get them started early in life when they're riding in a car seat featuring BMW markings, too. Most importantly, your young passengers require more cushioning and impact protection in the event of a vehicle collision. A genuine BMW car seat will provide this added level of occupant protection while moving away from the utilitarian car seat designs to something that is more stylish.

Car Covers

The various seasons and weather events of the year being their own sets of challenges. Tree sap, pollen, snow, and other elements of nature simply do not belong on your BMW. So, take the proactive step and trust a genuine BMW car cover to keep elements of nature off of it. These car covers feature a protective material on the inside to keep your vehicle safe from scratches and scrapes. On the outside, your BMW will be protected from whatever nature can bring its way.

Even the nastiest rainstorm or snowfall is no match for genuine BMW car covers. This is the layer of protection you need to protect your investment. Use one at work or while out on the town to protect the vehicle when it will be parked for long periods of time. Or, keep the car cover nearby when traveling from home and unable to gain access to covered parking. You can even use it in your home garage or carport to provide an extra means of protection from any mishaps that could occur and otherwise damage the paint.


Your BMW's wheels serve many purposes. From an appearance standpoint, they give it the stylish looks that make it the envy of others. Wheels also provide the interface between the vehicle and the road surface. They are structural elements that help to keep the vehicle elevated and rolling. They help hold in the air to the tires attached to them, and that provides an extra amount of cushioning and shock absorption from the imperfections so prevalent in many road surfaces you'll encounter. For these reasons, it is imperative to always have a good set of wheels on your vehicle, and you can always trust genuine BMW wheels for that purpose.

Whatever the reason may be, if you need replacement rims for your wheels, continue to put your trust in genuine BMW wheels. Perhaps you need to replace a rim because it was damaged in an accident. Genuine BMW wheels are the best option to guarantee that you are purchasing a rim that exactly matches the one you're replacing. Or, maybe you just want to try something new to give your BMW a slightly different appearance from what originally came with it. Genuine BMW wheels of a different style can also be used to change the outward appearance of your vehicle. They still meet the same impeccable quality standards of BMW and will keep you and all other occupants comfortable during the ride to wherever your destination may be.


Your vehicle needs the stopping power of genuine BMW brakes to keep your vehicle safe. Whether it's new brake pads or new calipers, genuine BMW parts should be the only parts you trust to your Ultimate Driving Machine. The aftermarket for replacement parts can have an element of uncertainty, so do not take any chances. Know that every time you choose genuine BMW brake pads you are choosing the same brake pads that were used during the assembly of your vehicle. Also, know that genuine BMW brake pads will work the same way as the old ones, though with more distance to go before they too will need replacement later down the road with a new set of genuine BMW brake pads.

With all things mechanical, some items in your brake system will have to be replaced. Knowing that BMW's engineers are obsessed with quality and reliability, make sure that genuine BMW parts are used for the other parts of your brake system as well. The brake calipers, the brake booster, and all other miscellaneous parts are selected from top quality materials and manufacturing. It just makes sense to protect your the occupants of your BMW by remaining with the same level of quality.

Floor Mats

Though they are designed to last a very long time, your BMW's floor mats will need replacement at some point. But, perhaps that is not the case. Maybe you just want to put a different style of floor mats on the floorboards. Whatever the case may be, genuine BMW floor mats are the best choice to protect your BMW's floorboard. They are designed specifically to fit your BMW exactly, and they are made with the same attention to quality as every other floor mat made for BMW vehicles.

The stock floor mats can be found as well, and they will last a long time before they will need to be replaced. If you find yourself in parts of the world that can cause you or others to track in snow, ice, or mud, you may want to consider a set of all-weather floor mats. They're even perfect for those regions that see so much rainy weather. Instead of carpet, these are made of a rubber material that makes them so easy to clean. Just pull them out of the passenger cabin, spray them down with a water hose, let them air dry, then place them back on the passenger cabin floorboards. They will last for years of driving and will keep your floorboard that much cleaner.

If you still desire carpet floor mats, there are genuine BMW floor mats to suit your needs. You can find exact replacements, or you can try out something new. Perhaps you would like an option with embroidered BMW markings. Whatever the case may be, there are genuine BMW floor mats available to fit your every need.

These parts and accessories are just a sample of the many ways you can maintain and accessorize your BMW. The options are plentiful, so remember that when you need parts and accessories for your BMW, be smart. Put your trust in the manufacturer who built your vehicle. Trust genuine BMW parts and accessories to maintain your Ultimate Driving Machine and to also enhance your driving experience.

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